Why Do Hawks Eat Up Little Chicks

Big hawk and rooster were very good friends before. They trusted each other and even shared secrets. One day, the rooster thought of borrowing the ring of big hawk. Big hawk always wore the ring on his big toe. It was very precious to him.

"You have a pretty ring. Can I borrow it for one day? I want to show it to my wife?"

Trusting the precious ring to his friend, Big hawk removed the ring from his big t oe and handed it to his friend rooster.

Big hawk then excused himself for he had to look for his brood. Quickly the roster placed the ring on his toe and went off to see his wife, the hen.

When the hen saw the ring on his toe, she too, wanted to wear it. She asked her husband if she could try it on. Rooster agreed and gave the ring to her. At once the hen slipped it on her left toe and began to admire how pretty it looked on her feet. Boastful as she was, the hen pleaded to her husband saying.

"Let me keep the ring for just one day. Please, I want to show it off to my friends."

Rooster could not refuse to her for he didn't want to disappoint his pretty wife. Unfortunately, by some unexplained reason, the ring got lost. Pretty hen looked everywhere, but she couldn't find it. When rooster learned about it, he also looked everywhere but it seemed the ring was lost forever. When big hawk returned the next day and learned his was lost, he got very angry and reprimanded both of them.

"How could you lose my ring? It's the only one I got. I am sorry but you have to go and look for my ring. If you don't find it, I'm going to catch and eat your little chicks."

Fearful for the life of their chicks, rooster and his pretty hen went everywhere looking for the ring once again. They scratched the ground but never found the ring.

Meanwhile, the agry hawk had his revenge. He swooped down on their chicks every time he was hungry and carried them away to eat them up.

Until now, wee see the rooster and the hen scratching everywhere on the ground still looking for the lost ring. They had a little choice because their lives remained at stake for as long as the ring is not found and returned.