Gintong Aral

The Myth About The Butterfly

A long time ago, there was a woman
who had a beautiful daughter. She dearly
loved this daughter that she was willing to
do anything for her. She Worked very hard
day and night to be able to give her
every good things in life. All her daughter's
capricious wants and desires were
granted. The mother never even once let
her work, even in household chores. The
mother reasoned that her daughter's
delicate skin should not be marred in any
way. She might one day end up being a
good stage performer, the mother

So all that the daughter wanted was
to have fun. She was trained to do nothing
except go shopping in markets or town
boutiques, attend dance parties, go outing
with friends, flirt with the boys, or see plays.

One day, the mother got sick
because of the hard work she did day and
night. She was barely able to move due
to the gravity of the ailment. And she
found herself alone in her house. Her
daughter was always out with friends.
When she was home she never lifted a
finger to help her mother. She didn't even
show concern for her mother's plight.
Worse, she literally despised her mother for
not being able to work and support her
needs and desires anymore.

So one day, her daughter decided
to leave home. She was fed up with a
jobless mother that always needed help.
The myth says she decided that she would
stay with her rich friends or be adopted by
a rich couple or perhaps just marry a rich
man. So she packed her things and was
ready to go.

But then, a kind hearted fairy, who had
been witnessing everything, blocked the
daughter's way by turning her into a
butterfly with a sleight of her wand. Sure
enough the daughter turned into a colorful
butterfly. When the mother looked for her
daughter, she saw a butterfly fluttering
among the flowers, just like her daughter
who wanted nothing but fun and riches.