Gintong Aral

The Legend Of Tiaong

Once there lived an old and rich woman who lived
in a small town in the province of Quezon. In spite of
the fact that she was wealthy she was so kind and
helpful to her fellowmen, especially to the poor people
around her.

The old woman helped people in many ways.
Sometimes she gave them everything that was within
her power to give.

Because of the old woman's kindness, the people
in the community learned to love and respect her very
much. Everybody called her "Tia" as a sign of respect
for her.

Besides being kind hearted woman, she was also
religious. Everyday she went to the church in the town
to hear mass. In going to church she always rode on
her favorite pet cow. The people always took delight in
seeing the kind hearted woman on her cow while go-
ing around the town. The people got used to seeing
the woman riding on her cow that whenever they heard
the sounds made by the cow, they knew that their Tia
was passing by.

Years passed and the people, seeing that the old
woman was still giving a helping hand to them, agreed
to name their town after her and her cow, So they
called their town "TAI-ONG", which came from what
they called the old woman and the sound they heard
from her cow.

Until now, the many helpful deeds that were done
by the old woman are still remembered by the people
of TIA-0NG, now known to us as TIAONG.