Gintong Aral

The Legend Of The Blind Man And The Hunchback

Once upon a time, there were two very good friends
who were born handicapped. One was blind, while the
other was a hunchback. They depended on each other
or especially when they to go places. The hunchback
would lead the way as the blind man could not see the
way. On the other hand the blind man would carry the
hunchback on the back of his shoulders since on account
of his weak body the hunchback tires easily.

Once they happened to pass by a coconut tree that
was teeming with ripe fruits. When the hunchback saw it
he told his blind companion about it which interested his
friend that both decided to stop for a while to pick some of
the coconuts home for dessert. At first they were a bit
resistant who between the two of them would do the climb-
ing. The blindman quickly excused himself for he could
not see his way up and might slip and fall even before
reaching halfway up the tree. Neither was the hunchback
confident he could climb all the way up to the top of the
tree for he was too weak to walk, lets climb. But the thought
of enjoying the sweet juice and delicious white meat of the
coconut was simply irresistable, they kept pushing one an-
other to do the climbing, In the end, the haunchback agreed
to take his chance at climbing.

"Alright! I'll do it." the hunchback spoke with some
hesitation, "But just to make sure no one steals the fruits I
will drop down, I want you to count a loud when they hit
the ground so we could keep count."

Moments later, the blind man heard a thug. "One"
he said.

The hunchback explained to his blind friend that it
was he and not the coconut that fell, and so he instructed
him to count from the very start.

"Oh, sorry to hear that," said the blind man," Are you
all right? Are you hurt?"

"No, no. I'm fine," responded the hunchback who
struggled for sometime before finally getting up on his feet
on his own. He brushed the dust off the side of his pants
with his hands then readied himself to try and climb up the

"Two!" counted the blind man.
The hunchback got irked with the strange way his
blind friend counted. "I haven't pick any fruit yet. The first
noise was me. The second is still me. Now, I'm going to try
climb again. And you better start counting from one."

It had occurred to the blind man to treat the falls of
the hunchback off as laughing matter. Thus, he readied
himself with still another joke, that if he heard another loud
noise, he would tease his friend by shouting "three" on

The hunchback struggled up the tree once again,
but fell off again. His blind friend nonetheless shouted "three"
then gave a real big laugh. He could not control himself
that he kept giggling and chuckling. The hunchback
suspected his friend has been making a fool of him, with the
counting. He was so very furious he approached his blind
friend and smacked him hard on the face. The slap hit the
eyes of the blindman, and as a result his eyes opened up
and was able to slowly see.

As he could now see, the blind man took his revenge
and kicked the hunchback from behind. It hit his back and
as a result his back straightened up.

Incredible as it may seem, they both got cured of
their, ailments. They were so glad with what had happened
that their friendship further strengthened instead of what
could have been the end of a long friendship after the quarrel
they went through. They each climbed the tree by turns
and gathered many coconuts which they brought home for