The Legend Of Kainta

Once upon a time, one of the towns of Rizal which is presently known as Kainta, there lived a woman who was very well known not only to the natives of the place but even to those of the neighboring towns. Her name was Jacinta. Besides belonging to a wealthy family, she was very beautiful maiden. She was much loved and respected by the people because of her admirable character, she was so kind hearted and charitable.

Charity was really deeply rooted in the heart of Jacinta. Even as a girl she was so kind to the beggars and to the poor. No beggar would pass by Jacinta's home with out receiving alms from her. She invited the poor children to her house to let them play with her toys.

When she grew up, every sunday morning after mass, a long lined of beggars would come and Jacinta always extented an open hand and an understanding heart to their various needs - toys, clothes, money. Such acts of hers made her deeply loved by her townmates.

Unlike many other beautiful women, Jacinta was not lucky enough in love affairs. For her lover since childhood got sick and died and as a result, she remained an old maid.

When Jacinta's parents died, she was left all alone. She devoted her life to helping the needy. Because of the love and reverence of the people for her, everyone called her Ka Inta - a name which became a symbol of "salvation to the needy".

One Christmas Day, like all other Christmas days, many people flocked to the home Ka Inta. To the aston- ishment of all, unlike before, nobody was by the opened window. The people almost all together called on Ka Inta but no one answered or looked out. Several times they called on the old woman, but still nobody answered. They then decided to go up the house to find out why. and as the door opened, women screamed while the men made the sign of the cross and the children cried. For Kainta is lying on the floor - dead.

"Ka Inta, Ka Inta," everybody cried. In the midst of their grief and tears, the people saw around them the many prepared gifts which they knew were for them.

The sad news scattered like wild fire. The news both- ered everyone who knew Ka Inta. Dead was Jacinta, the woman who devoted her whole life to the service of the poor and the needy. She died, but her memory could never be erased from the hearts of the people she served. They named the place in her honor and since then it has been called Kainta.