The Legend Of Hari Sa Bukid

In ancient times, there lived the high mountains of Southern Luzon, a happy people who was ruled by a very good datu known as "Hari sa Bukid". He taught his people to cultivate tobacco all over his domain. His wide plantations beautified the land and greatly prospered over the years which went to benifit his people.

One day, he gathered his people and announced that he was going to visit his friends who were datus like himself. He told his people that he would be gone for a a while and encouraged them to continue planting tobacco along the slopes of the mountain.

During the first ten years he was gone, his people diligently went about their work of keeping the plantation. Their tobacco trade expanded to neighboring lands. Many traders trooped to the mountains to barter goods in exchange for their fine tobacco. There came a time when "Hari sa Bukid's" tribe became reknowned for raising tobacco. This positive development led them to produce more and more tobacco which they sold profitably

At the end of ten years they were all filthy rich they each longed for the easy life that they started to abandon the plantations.

Their production went low with not enough to meet their commitments and eventually they lost their credibility. Trade was cut off so that the goods they needed badly became scarce.

Things turned even worse when a strong earthquake shook the mountains that drove the people running down the slopes towards the sea to seek for safety. It was then that "Hari sa Bukid" returned and appeared before them in a terribale rage. He scolded his people severely and went on to punish them. He told them he would not return unless the people changed their ways and become hardworking again. Having said, he gathered the scanty produce of tobacco in the fields and brought it with him to the top of the mountain. Then with a mighty blow of his fist, he bore a deep hole on top of the mountain and slipped downed through it carryinig with him the tobacco down to the center of the earth. When in a good mood he would smoke the tobacco moderately that sends out thin smoke through the crater. When in a rather bad mood, he would smoke heavily and even send fire out of their mountain top. In this manner was the volcano formed.