The Legend Of Cashew Nut

Cashewnut is like a bell, yellow when ripe and sweet. Unlike other fruits, the seed of the cashew nut is outside the fruit.

The seed of the cashew nut is delicious and nutri- tious - although according to some people beliefs, roated cashew seeds are dangerous to chickens.

Here is the legend of the cashew nut. It tells particu- larly why the seed is outside the fruit.

Once there was a merrymaking in the forest. All the animals gathered in the forest, including birds and insects. All were happy. Everyone big and small joined the merry- making.

Nearby was a cashew nut. "What is the cause of all the noise outside?" asked the seed inside the cashew nut. "Oh, if I can only release. myself from this dark chamber!"

The noise continued. The meyrrymaking continued too. And the seed inside the cashew nut continued to pray for its release from inside.

At that very moment, a fairy was making her way to the forest. She was attracted by the noise and decided to join the fun. She paused for a while and heard a grieving voice.

"Who must that creature be?" thought the fairy. "Oh powerful fairy, let me out! Please!" begged the seed inside the cashew nut.

The fairy heard the begging voice of the seed. She took pity on the seed. With her tender fingers. the fairy gently touched the cashew nut. Lo! the seed was out in an instant.

"Ah! the world is much a beautiful place!" exclaimed the seed. "Oh, beautiful fairy, I want to live in this wonder- ful world outside. Never return me to the life of darkness I used to have. I plead!"

"Your wish is granted," promised the fairy. How happy the seed was! She feasted her eyes all around her, But after a few hours, the merrymaking stopped and a great silence prevailed.

The animals retired. The birds and the insects rested. In short while the cloudy sky was turned in darkness. The wind blew hard and rain fell heavily. Deafening thun- der was accompanied by bold lightning.

The seed grew afraid of what she saw and heard. Shivering in the wet and cold darkness, shee called the fairy.

"Oh, merciful fairy!" the seed begged. "Hear me! Put me back in my chamber. I don't like to stay here out- side anymore. It's so dreadful outside," she cried.

Her pitifull calls received no response for the fairy was nowhere in sight. She had vanished.

Just then the storm ceased. The fairy appeared once more and saw the poor seed, bent and no longer able to talk.

Then the fairy spoke. "I will not return you to your chamber," said the fairy. "I want to teach you a lesson. Be contented with what you have. Appreciate whatever God has given you."

After saying these words, the fairy left for good. From that time on, the seed remained outside the cashew nut.